Video surveillance systems have emerged as a method of deterring theft in the 1960s in the United States.

Thousands and thousands of cases are known when the surveillance camera images helped catch the thieves, prey on thefts and even save lives. Technologies are becoming more and more powerful, and people feel safe when they know that cameras are installed nearby, and here we refer not only to public spaces but also to home.

Surveillance systems are widely used in offices, in employee surveillance, and in warehouses to prevent theft, but also at home, especially parents who leave babies with nonsense.

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of products so the consumer is left to choose the one that suits the needs and entourage most.

A surveillance system typically includes the following components: camera, DVR or NVR (control unit), feeder, cables, and optionally a monitor or TV.

IP cameras are the best because the images provided are of very good quality and the used technologies are newer. In surveillance systems it is absolutely necessary to use HD technology and for a correct choice you should consult the specialist.

But there are also arguments against the installation of surveillance systems, and the main reason is the violation of intimacy.

Of course, private life is very important and no one has the right to violate it, the chambers will be installed on the spot, according to the law, that people know that this home / office / house has had surveillance systems installed.

It is true that, when used correctly, surveillance cameras are a real help in keeping the quiet and security of people, and their installation is the individual decision of every human being.