Fires cause enormous material damages and, in some cases, accompany death. Therefore, fire security requires special attention, especially on production and socio-cultural sites.

Fire security is the state of an object that excludes the possibility of a fire and in case of its occurrence, ensuring the necessary measures are taken to eliminate the influence of the negative factors generating the fire hazards on the people, buildings and goods.

“Media Security” proposes systems and means of fire security for your objects:

  • fire detectors;
  • fire signaling equipment;
  • means of warning in the event of a fire caused by malfunctions, lighting and evacuation management;
  • fire extinguishers;
  • fire-extinguishing substances and compounds;
  • fire extinguishing systems: liquid, gaseous, foamed;
  • flame retardant materials and structures;
  • fire security devices;
  • means of locating the outbreak;
  • works and services in the field of fire safety.