Automatic parking systems have emerged as a result of the need for efficient traffic management and machine flow control. Such systems can be used both in residential areas and in industrial, airport, underground or external parking areas.

Implementing automated parking solutions offers many benefits and benefits for those who use them:

  • Fast and effortless parking
  • Pay only for the duration of the parking
  • Safety and security for vehicles and passengers

At Media Security you can find complete and adaptable solutions for parking regardless of location. I have successfully implemented several parking systems outside the country, taking part in complex projects, even from the initial stage: designing the systems.

Paid parking systems can operate on bar code, magnetic tape, or the same equipment can include both technologies.

Depending on the specificity of each objective, we propose:

  • Recognition systems for registration numbers
  • Systems for counting free parking spaces by light indicators
  • Sensors for monitoring individual parking spaces
  • Pedestrian access station
  • Output stations
  • Automatic payment stations with card.
  • Automatic cash and card payment stations
  • Access barriers

To find out more about prices or offers available for installing parking systems, please contact us here.