The security service provided by Media Security includes all the security services;

  • Armed security of an objective of any difficulty.
  • Physical security.
  • Organization of the enterprise security service.
  • Rapid intervention teams service.
  • Patrolling, Accompanying, Escorting of goods.
  • „VIP-Security Escort” program, bodyguard services.
  • Objective protection with the rapid intervention of the team on the alarm signal. The mobile group is a fast reaction team made up of professional security guards, starting at the first alarm sound to prevent illegal actions.

The security agency „Media Security” offers professional bodyguard services. The basis of the organization of security is a long-term practical experience and the use of internationally reliable methods, through which we can achieve a high level of execution of our bonds.

Even if the work style differs significantly, bodyguards professionally fulfills all the obligations imposed on them. Bodyguards can be of two types.

  • Invisible bodyguard. The main purpose is dissolving among the people that surrounds the client, without drawing attention to it. This bodyguard does not attract a strange interest to his activity, so the real purpose knows only a very small circle of people.
  • Visible bodyguard. The main goal – the open personal guard that serves as a warning factor and in many cases determines the attacker to modify his actions.

We guarantee:

  • Complying with all agreements to create the necessary conditions for guarding, transporting and safely escorting goods;
  • Execution of the order within the strictly designated time frame;
  • Individual approach in each case: creation of the program, establishment of the way of delivery and taking over of the material goods, prevention of possible emergency situations, selection of the necessary number of guards to accompany, etc.
  • Confidentiality and absolute trust.