Information security, as well as data protection, is a complex task, which has the purpose of providing security, through the implementation of a security system. Data protection is a multilateral and complex problem that involves a number of important tasks. The information security issue is permanently aggravated by the penetration of technical means of data processing and transfer, and especially of computing systems, in all areas of society.

Today, there are three basic principles that must be provided for information security:

  • integrity of data protection against errors, leading to loss of information, and protection against unauthorized creation or destruction of data
  • confidentiality of information
  • access to information for all authorized users.

Information security equipment can not be designed, purchased, or installed until the proper analysis is spent.

„Media Security” will offer its services, where our experts will take all the necessary actions to identify the dangers to information security, provide the service for determining the protected resources and propose appropriate ways to protect them, as well as carry out all the work necessary for the creation and implementation of the comprehensive information security system.

Our services:

  • data protection in communication channels
  • technical means of identifying information flows
  • special equipment
  • polygraph and special holography
  • communication and control systems
  • IT Security
  • complex concept of concept (technical, physical, software)
  • services in the field of information security consulting and audit, professional training
  • biometric data protection systems