For the effective protection of an object against fire and intrusion, it is necessary to have an immediate response of the corresponding services to any emergency situation signaled by the alarm system installed in the object.

Remote monitoring centers installed in the offices of private security companies are designed to collect and centrally process information from the alarm control panels.

„Media Security” is ready to ensure remote monitoring of security and fire protection systems and video surveillance systems. Our operators within 24 hours monitor the fire situation from the object and perform continuous video surveillance of the security situation in the perimeter under surveillance.

How remote surveillance works

The emergency call system is composed of two parts:

  • Device in the enclosure – alarm button or security alarm.
  • Centralized monitoring console – monitoring center.

The monitoring console itself includes the terminal for the reception and transmission of alarm and control signals, and software that contains user information.

The on-site device – security alarm – has the emergency call button, LCD screen, keyboard, wireless sensors connected to motion, smoke, doors and more. The security alarm is connected 24/24 with the centralized monitoring console via the GSM network.

The monitoring center also receives other alarms from the object: pressing the alarm button, activating the motion sensor, the open door, smoke, water drain into the room, bathing, gas leaking in the boiler room and so on.

Attaching and connecting the equipment to the console is done in the smallest terms. If you already have an installed alarm system – our team is able to connect it to our console and you will immediately get under our protection.

When monitored systems receive an activation signal, dispatchers inform the emergency intervention teams about the emerging need, communicating at the same time the location and nature of the received signal. With this information, special teams move to the indicated goal to prevent or diminish the effects of the generating cause.