If you need a private detective, the best specialists in this field work with us.

Customer protection and safety are the criteria that form the basis of our detective services.

Our detective services are very vast, namely:

  • Accumulating the information necessary to protect the rights and interests of individuals and legal entities;
  • Verifying the company’s staff regarding their loyalty and the presence of criminal records, as well as verifying the reliability and legality of companies and companies your company is willing to cooperate with;
  • Protection of organizations, enterprises and companies against commercial and industrial espionage;
  • Accumulation of biographical data or any other type of information on people who are of interest to the client;
  • Identifying the authors of letters or anonymous parcels;
  • Identify the location of family members, friends, relatives who are missing;
  • Looking for stolen properties, cars.

Operative investigative activity, competence and professionalism allow us to provide the necessary detective services of high quality and, most importantly, a positive result.

The detective services are performed according to the Law № 238-XV of the RM of 04.07.2003 regarding the private detective and security activity.

RM License: A MMII 020369

WARNING For ethical reasons, we do not provide detective services to solve personal or couple problems.