Value transfer and collecting cash

„Media Security” provides you with services for transporting valuable assets, money, precious items, cashing services at the most advantageous conditions, using the latest technologies to ensure CIT security.

We provide the transport service values according to the provisions of the Financial Institutions Act no. 550 of July 21, 1995 and of NBM decisions. The transportation is done after an approved security plan.

The security plan regulates:

  • the type of transport;
  • date and time for transportation;
  • the means of transport used;
  • the routes that can be used;
  • the security device and the responsibilities of the transport agents;
  • how to act in different situations;
  • the necessary technical means;
  • the operational situation.

The vehicles used for the transport are built and equipped accordingly to the mission that it performs, having a box of values, radio-communication means, tracing equipment in traffic and alarm systems. Staff are provided with protective equipment and armaments to deal with any situation.

We offer you:

  • Own armored transport, Volkswagen Transporter cars, B4 armor category;
  • Assistance with armed collaborators (pistols and machine guns), equipped with technical and liaison systems, trained and experienced in the field of value transport insurance;
  • Full material assurance of money, freight and goods carried, reinsurance abroad;
  • Equipping and controlling crews via GPS, online video and permanent audio control.

We guarantee:

  • full insurance of goods;
  • the flexibility of choosing the right route and time for you;
  • 24/24 transportation and collection services;
  • AxB customer escort services;
  • closed circuit services;
  • keeping money in the nocturnal hours;
  • money checking and control services;
  • escort services with the support of mobile groups and police;
  • external transport, connection with air and international passenger transport;
  • automated cash processing.

We ensure that our clients’ instructions are followed closely. At the same time, we provide customers with the support and documentation they need throughout transport and storage.

Whether it’s a special cargo or regular stock transport of a bank, our company covers all aspects of transport, storage and delivery security.

We offer cost-quality solutions to ensure the security of your products and assets.

In crisis situations, our agents are perfectly capable of performing complicated techniques such as defensive driving, accident avoidance, elusive driving, or vehicle surveillance.

For a regular value transport, the security crew consists of a transport car, an armed intervention agent and an employee / representative of the beneficiary.

For security transport, we use armored cars, a crew consisting of 3 armed persons, processing the documentation and executing the service according to the requirements of the NBM and the instructions in force.

Depending on the size of the transport, the number of agents allocated may vary, so that the crew will be very large in transport, with the possibility of escorting and additional support from other Media Security and police crews.

Examples: transferring cash from client to bank and vice versa, wage transportation, cash purchase of cars, real estate, cashing in or transportation of money obtained from the commercial activity, value transport, client-client, bank-client, branch bank , subsidiary, ATM, cash dispensers, gold and precious material transportation, transportation of valuable papers, transportation of dangerous substances, narcotics, transport of art objects and cultural goods, transportation of persons, weapons and equipment at major cost.

For value transfer services and cashing – contact „Media Security”