Cash Security Center

„Cash Security Center” SRL – is the only cash processing center in the Republic of Moldova, located on 180/1 Columna Street, founded by „Media-Security” SRL in cooperation with the Dutch company „Cortex BV”.

„Cash Security Center” SRL specializes in providing cash transport and processing services, supplying ATMs (banknotes), having the infrastructure developed throughout the country.

The company plans to open future processing centers in several regions of the country such as Bălţi, Cimislia and Ungheni.

The services provided by „Cash Security Center” SRL are:

– collecting and transporting cash and other values

– processing and storing cash and other values

– powering ATMs

The company currently owns  30 maximum safety cars, out of which 8 armored,  equipped according to the requirements of the NBM and the law enforcement agencies. The crews are organized in accordance with the legal provisions in force, as follows:

– driver – with at least 3 years of experience and experience in the transport activity, wearing uniforms with the logo of Media-Security SRL;

– guard and security – ensure the attendance and guarding of the transports, being armed with 9.00 mm guns, wearing the uniform with the logo of Media-Security SRL, are attested by the police bodies, at least 1 year experience in the protection and guarding activity, being physically and professionally tested half-yearly. The crews have GPS systems and other automatic monitoring and locking equipment in the event of an alert – equipment that ensures a high level of safety for both crew and transported values.

„Cash Security Center” SRL offers the Value Processing Service, addressing first of all the banks that, by outsourcing this service, benefit from significant logistics and staff savings.

The processing center is organized into three distinct areas:

– the handling area, where the delivery / receipt of the values ​​packed in sealed bags and documents from / to the value carriers takes place;

– the verification area where the money processing operations take place;

– the treasure area, where the values ​​are stored.

All work processes are carried out under the supervision of the cameras, with the provision of dual control and high security at the physical, informational, procedural level and access to the protected areas.