No matter where you are, whether on vacation, at work, or spending an evening with friends Smart House Home will help and take care of your home and family.

The Smart Home concept includes innovative products and innovative solutions for the fully interconnected home, making life safer, more comfortable, more economical, and more enjoyable.

Network devices communicate with each other to adapt automatically to changing circumstances and to daily routine and can be controlled directly from your phone.

As an example, intelligent heating control can save energy costs and create a comfortable climate. Also, automated home surveillance permanently protects your home, all of which can be controlled via your app even when you are not home.

For a complete home security, we provide you with a variety of devices such as a smart buzzer or motion sensor, and help you discover all the features that they can offer.

The Smart Home system can also be used in your yard or garden by means of intelligent light bulbs that can be remotely controlled and can change their intensity depending on daylight.

The smart home system includes:

  • Intelligent light bulbs
  • Outlets and switches
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Alarms
  • Video Interphones
  • Access Control
  • sensors
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • Thermostats
  • Switches, remote control, etc.