Smart systems turn cities of the future into attractive, safe and dynamic places and improve the quality of life for the people. Cities of the future are dynamic and interconnected through intelligent systems that make life easier for people.

Integrated smart technologies are environmentally friendly, reduce energy costs and provide operational safety. These technologies are designed with features that can identify problems, enhance the security and safety of people living in cities.

Many cities are struggling with air pollution and efficient public transport management to reduce congestion. The digitization of several monitoring systems will allow local governments to quickly access the information received and react in a timely manner, monitor traffic density and coordinate switching times for public traffic and traffic lights.

Media Security offers solutions for Traffic Management Systems:

– Autonomous parking systems.

– Autonomous systems for public transport.

– Tracking and detection systems for road traffic offenses.

Innovative technologies can help cities around the world to cope with the challenges of urbanism, climate change and globalization.

The term „smart city” includes the management of public traffic, parking, validation of public transport vouchers, it will be possible to coordinate energy generation and energy demand more precisely than ever. Towns will be connected together in networks that have the potential to optimize not only energy consumption, but also transport, logistics, medical information, entertainment, and more.

Projects implemented by Media Security:

– Pilot project for Chisinau, video surveillance of road traffic.

-Traffic lights and installation of road signs, Kiev.

– Parking system and bike tracks, Kiev.

– GPS systems, Chisinau.

– Providing underground parking, all engineers, security and weak currents.