Fire-fighting systems have been designed to detect smoke or fire in a particular area.

This system also includes: reception and control device, sensors, detectors, sirens, monitoring stations, power supplies. Usually this package includes all room security systems, which ensures that the room security breach is detected accurately and quickly to maximum: unauthorized access, fire, etc.

We offer the necessary work package for the purchase, installation and assembly of the fire alarm and security system that includes:

  • Control panel
  • Reception and control device
  • Devices with sensors
  • Alarm devices
  • Conventional and analogue power stations and modules
  • Local Detectors, Linear Detectors
  • Visual – acoustic warning systems
  • Manual signaling systems

For better protection, we also offer modern automatic fire extinguishing systems. The direct purpose of fire extinguishing systems is to prevent, limit enlargement, fire extinguishing, protect people and material assets from fire.

The safest systems for solving the above tasks are automatic fire extinguishing systems. Unlike manual extinguishing systems and systems under operator control, these systems are activated by fire control according to sensor data. In turn, it ensures the operative extinction of the fire source without human intervention.

Media Security offers fire extinguishing services. Our automated fire extinguishing systems provide:

✓ 24/24 control of the temperature and presence of smoke in the protected area

  •  Activation of sound and light alarm
  • Emitting the „alarm” signal to the fire protection bracket
  • Automatic closing of flame retardation valves and doors
  • Automatic activation of the smoke – evacuation system
  • Automatic removal of the extinguishing agent
  • Notification of the disposal of the extinguishing agent
  • Manual fire extinguishing systems
  • Automatic extinguishing systems