The access control and access control system includes all the technical safety equipment that has the purpose of registering or limiting access to entry-exit from a particular territory through access points such as doors, gates and other passageways.

It is also an effective management system that allows you to monitor your employees’ arrival and departure times. Thanks to advanced software, information can be used to ease the workflow, including filling in time tables.

The Access Control System has the following functions:

  • Keeping track of staff working time
  • Restricting and controlling visitor access at headquarters
  • Tracking visitors and staff
  • Indoor access control
  • Security
  • Organizing a database for each employee or visitor
  • Obtaining information for time tables.

Access Control Equipment

  • Turnstiles
  • Biometric electrical locks
  • Readers and tags
  • Biometric readers
  • Identification devices
  • Control access controllers
  • Software
  • Acceptance cards
  • Terminals for registering visitors
  • Metal detectors
  • Accessories
  • Door closers
  • Output buttons.

The interphone – an electronic communication device that provides remote communication between the subscriber in any building and the visitors who want to enter.

Buying the intercom is necessary first of all for your security – this is the main function of this device. Interphones provide control of access to the most diverse buildings, spaces and territories: office, industrial, military centers, as well as private areas, cottages and dwelling blocks. The intercom is especially useful for protection against intruders who will not see the person inside the room during the call.

Blocking devices

  • Rotary barriers are used to enter companies, public facilities (stadium, train station, subway) where there is a need to organize a controlled passage of a large number of people. The rotating barriers are divided into two types, the base: the waist and the whole height. If the rotation barrier is not provided with the possibility of a quick opening of a free pass (in case of fire), the waist barriers must be equipped with „anti-panic” bars – which can be broken with the power of an ordinary man (Firemen’s Requirement)
  • Rotation cabinets – used in banks, in enterprises with high security requirements
  • Gates and barriers – usually installed at the entrance of the enterprise, in the car parks, at the entrance to the locality, in the courtyards of the block. Basic requirement – climate resistance and automated management (using access control systems). When it comes to organizing the passage access control system, additional requirements are imposed – increased recognition of labels, recognition of vehicle registration numbers (in case of integration with the video surveillance system).

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