Maintenance of security systems

The maintenance of any system consists in periodically checking the technical details to maintain the operability of this system in order to identify possible failures which can be removed without additional unforeseen expenses.

Because any technical system regardless of complexity or location where it has been installed, needs periodic checks for good operation, the maintenance contract ensures rapid intervention in the case of erroneous system misfiring or blurring in video.

The regularity and type of periodic maintenance is different for each installed equipment.

„Media Security” has a team of professionals who provide maintenance and maintenance services for the following systems:

The installation and maintenance of a high-quality video surveillance system require a high level of professionalism and responsibility of the company involved in the process. That’s when you sign a maintenance contract to make sure you work with a company that has experience, team and responsibility.

Monthly maintenance of the video surveillance system includes checking video cameras, DVR operation, connections and cables.

As a rule, when maintenance works are done, our specialists check the following:

  • Condition of lenses, which are cleaned of dust, spiders or any other element that prevents proper operation.
  • Check the visual angles and infrared lights.
  • Check batteries and other power systems.
  • Check all connections and cables installed on the system.
  • Check the normal operating parameters of the DVR or NVR.
  • Check archives and archiving process.

To receive details about the maintenance contract, you can contact us at +373 69870890 or send us an email to the Technical Department:

Access control systems are an integral part of security systems and allow employees to be monitored, as well as restricting access to a particular territory. In order for the data provided to be correct and the operation of the equipment – uninterrupted at the most inappropriate moment, it is necessary to carry out maintenance work.

„Media Security” not only installs complex access control systems but also ensures their maintenance based on a post-warranty contract.

Depending on the system installed on the object, maintenance is also performed. Some of these works are:

  • Checks on the proper functionality of card readers;
  • Check electromagnetic locks, control drivers and the rest of the accessories;
  • Check speakers, microphones, LEDs (if they are part of the installed system)
  • Checking connections and cables to the reader and the central unit;
  • Checking the power supply and the battery;
  • Verifying the software and saving the timesheets;
  • Adding or deleting users;
  • Cleaning of equipment;

To receive details about the maintenance contract, you can contact us at +373 69870890 or send us an email to the Technical Department:

Instalarea unui sistem autonom de stingere a incendiului este o necesitate mai ales in cazul:

  • spațiilor de depozitare si comerciale;
  • fabricilor și întreprinderilor industriale;
  • sedii de birouri;
  • instituțiilor educaționale și medicale;
  • obiecte de energie și servicii municipale (puncte termice, stații electrice, stații de pompare);
  • stații militare etc.

”Media Security” are o experiență de lucru de peste 25 ani de lucru cu instituții de importanta majoră în stat, unde siguranța înseamnă totul iar un moment de neatenție este un lux ce poate costa foarte mult, iar în unele cazuri poate fi fatal. În cazul sistemelor de stingere automată contractele de mentenanță include în sine efectuarea unor lucrări periodice precum:

  • Inspecția externă a echipamentelor ( transmițătorilor, senzorilor, semnalelor de avertizare, echipamentelor de comutare și a firelor pentru detectarea disfuncționalităților vizibile).
  • Verificarea funcționalității tuturor elementelor de alarmă de incendiu ce se efectuează cu ajutorul unui echipament de diagnosticare de înaltă precizie.
  • Lucrări preventive (curățarea și restaurarea conexiunilor de contact, repararea sau înlocuirea bateriilor, senzori și dispozitive defecte).
  • Reparații urgente. În cazul unei situații de urgență sau o defecțiune la soft, avînd ca rezultat încetarea funcționării senzorilor, facem vizite operaționale la obiect și restauram imediat sau înlocuim toate piesele defecte ale echipamentelor de alarmă si incendiu și ale sistemelor de avertizare.

Pentru a primi detalii privind încheierea contractului de mentenanță, ne puteți contacta la +373 69870890 sau ne puteți expedia un e-mail la Departamentul tehnic:

Anti-burglary systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry into a given territory. They can be installed for both home and factory owners, warehouses, buildings, etc.

The main elements in burglary detection systems are sensors that transmit information either to the monitoring center or warn through a beep when intruders are detected.

For receiving and transmitting correct signals and avoiding false alarms, maintenance work is required involving:

  • Check sensors and motion detectors.
  • Check batteries or other equipment connected to the system.
  • Clean the entire system.
  • Checking the software.
  • Check the connection and correct transmission of signals to the desk.
  • Check speakers, microphones, etc

To receive details about the maintenance contract, you can contact us at +373 69870890 or send us an email to the Technical Department:

It is well known where non-compliance has had disastrous consequences not only in financial terms but also in the loss of human lives.

Like any other technical system, the fire detection and signaling system is composed of various elements that work in the complex. Some of the most important elements of the system are sensors that act as nerve endings that react to smoke or fire and transmit the signal further.

These are the key elements that can prevent a tragedy and their maintenance is not optional but obligatory.

When performing maintenance work on the fire detection system, it is practically simulated a situation where the fire alarm is triggered to check the functionality of all the elements.

The maintenance contract includes:

  • External inspection of equipment (transmitters, sensors, warning signals, switching equipment and wires for detection of visible malfunctions).
  • Checking the functionality of all fire alarm elements that are performed with high precision diagnostic equipment.
  • Check the speakers and other warning devices.
  • Check wiring, software and send messages to the central or desktop equipment.

If you put emphasis on trust, efficiency and quality then our company services will surprise you pleasantly.

To receive details about the maintenance contract, you can contact us at +373 69870890 or send us an email to the Technical Department:

The transport control service (GPS) is now available for any business. This service is intended for companies working in freight or passenger transport, or large car fleet companies.

What issues do GPS systems solve?

GPS systems provide information about the exact location of one or other means of transport, time spent in traffic, fuel consumption and speed.

In this way, it is much easier to monitor where the drivers are and whether they follow the indicated route or deviate.

When there is an unauthorized opening of the truck carrying the cargo, an alarm signal is transmitted to the central panel.

Control systems help to optimize fuel costs and increase the efficiency of using the means of transport.

We have GPS solutions that manage real-time vital information for your business, integrating both tracking technology and data analysis systems.

”Media Security” provides services for installing and servicing GPS systems for car transport.

How to track your vehicles?

The set emitter is placed on the vehicle, activated, then establishes a connection to the satellite, receives data about its coordinates and sends it to the monitoring center on the server, where it is processed, analyzed and stored.

Any technical system needs maintenance to provide accurate data and avoid more serious malfunctions that will require higher costs to be restored.

Our specialists will work on all maintenance work on the installed GPS system.

To receive details about the maintenance contract, you can contact us at +373 69870890 or send us an email to the Technical Department: