The Media Security team offers numerous solutions for personal security, security of homes, business locations, etc.

We are active in the security business for 25 years and are happy to share our experience and offer you the best solutions regardless of your request’s specifics.

With us, your physical security and benefits from the largest 24×7 monitoring center in the country are secured. We also offer the services of rapid intervention groups, transport of values ​​and cash collection service. For business owners, we offer complex, integrated security solutions by means of video surveillance systems, access control, fire detection and extinguishing systems, burglar alarms, etc.

The advantages that our clients and partners enjoy are the complete assurance of all security aspects:

  • Design of security systems
  • Installation of security systems by using the best analytical software.
  • Service and maintenance of the equipment to ensure their best functioning.

We have solutions for each client, no matter whether  it is a house, office, building, government institutions, roads, warehouses, etc. Our experience lets us offer the modern and quality solutions only.

Our partners are the companies that have the highest confidence in the field of security and for several years we are the only distributors of Bosch Security systems in Moldova. Our employees are experts in the field of security and benefit from trainings to provide you the best technical support.

Whatever you need for your personal security, we already have the solution.

Would you like to get an advice from our security experts? Call us by + 373 69 870 803