Intrusion detection systems are installed to protect properties and prevent thefts and unauthorized access. These systems are useful for home and office, warehouses, buildings, etc.

Anti-intrusion systems detect in real time the penetration of a foreign person into your private space and warn you, either by a tone or visually, depending on the system installed.

For greater security, these systems are also connected to our 24×7-enabled monitoring center and react immediately to any kind of signal transmission.

The constituent elements of an anti-intrusion system are:

  • Movement sensors
  • Vibration sensors
  • Broken glass sensors
  • IR barriers and microwaves
  • Voice and digital communicators
  • Visual – acoustic warnings
  • Power supplies for systems and sensors
  • Car alarms and anti-theft electronic systems
  • Perimeter protection systems and outdoor sensors.
  • Electric fence system
  • Sensitive cable system