“Media Security” which is part of the Austrian company „Friedrich Steinbach” is the largest security company in the Republic of Moldova, with an experience of over 25 years and with an impressive number of clients and objectives. We offer integrated security solutions, both for large companies and for home users.

Our goal is to provide the best solutions for Your safety in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. We have a united team that works together to achieve the company’s goals and our customer’s tasks. Our main achievement is the professionalism that has been cultivated for 25 years and successfully implemented in major, both local and international projects.

With us it is always easy and secure, we consult, design, install, maintain and monitor systems in a full service cycle for Your convenience and safety and confidentiality is, of course, guaranteed!

“I am certain that all of the advances recorded by Media Security over many years in the development and implementation of modern and progressive technologies in the field of security and electronic technology give us an impetus in identifying new, more efficient and competitive solutions for you and your business.”(Victor Gaina, founder of” Media Security “)