Here are some of the 7700 clients of our company and the sites where the equipment of the leading security system manufacturers has been installed.

Clients who have trusted us:


  • Republic of Moldova Presidency Building
  • Republic of Moldova Parliament
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova – video surveillance system, arched metal detector
  • Information and Security Service – video surveillance system, access control system, fire alarm system, automatic fire extinguishing system
  • Department for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption – video surveillance systems, access control and fire alarm systems
  • General Prosecutor’s Office – video surveillance and access control systems
  • Department for Combating Organized Crime – Video Surveillance System
  • Special Communications Center – video surveillance system, automatic fire extinguishing system in the main server
  • Customs post „Chişinău” – video surveillance system, access control
  • Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova-video surveillance system at the Bulboaca warehouse
  • Department of the Border Guard Troops of the Republic of Moldova
  • State Chancellery of the Republic of Moldova
  • City Hall of Chisinau
  • Registration Chamber of the Republic of Moldova
  • Labor Department of the Republic of Moldova
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Metrology and Standards
  • „Moldelectrica” State Enterprise Chisinau
  • Customs Committee of PMR, Tiraspol
  • «Dinamo» Sports Center


  • National Bank of Moldova: Central Office–Chisinau
  • Moldova Agroindbank: “Chisinau-Centru” Subsidiary
  • Moldindconbank: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Victoriabank: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Eximbank – Gruppo Venetto Banka: Central Office – Chisinau / Filiala “Rascani”
  • Mobiasbanca SA Societe Generale: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Banca Municipala: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Ипотечный Банк: Central Office – Tiraspol
  • ОГУЗ Банк: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Business Bank: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Промстрой Банк : Central Office – Tiraspol
  • Banca Sociala: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Unibank: Central Office – Chisinau
  • Banca Comerciala Romana: Chisinau Subsidiary

Embassies, Diplomatic Agencies and International Organizations

  • Embassy of USA in the Republic of Moldova
  • Embassy of Russia in the Republic of Moldova
  • United Nations Office in the Republic of Moldova
  • OSCE in the Republic of Moldova
  • Embassy of Turkey in the Republic of Moldova
  • Embassy of the United Kingdom
  • Embassy of Romania
  • “SOROS” Foundation
  • Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Russia, Moscow
  • Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Ukraine, Kiev

Enterprises and Factories

  • “Union Fenosa” Company Chisinau
  • „KVINT” sparkling wine factory Chisinau
  • EFES VITANTA INTRAVEST BREWERY Non-alcoholic beverage Factory Chisinau
  • Cognac Factory „KVINT” Tiraspol
  • „CARMEZ” Meat Factory Chisinau
  • „CARMEZ International” Companies
  • Sparkling Wine Factory „Vismos” Chisinau
  • Sparkling Wine Factory „CRICOVA” Chisinau, Balti, Tiraspol
  • Glass Container Company, Chisinau
  • „Lukoil Moldova” Chisinau
  • International Airport – administrative building, hotel and commercial facility (Chisinau), new building of Chisinau Airport (comprehensive surveillance system)
  • The „SORO-METEOR-COM” Factory
  • Wine Factory „VINARIA BOSTOVAN”
  • „ORHEI VIT” Factory
  • Wine Factory „VITIS HANCESTI”
  • Wine Factory „ORHEI VIN”
  • Wine Factory „BARDAR”
  • Sugar factories of the company „SUDZUCKER” Kiev
  • AF Pacific Motors Moldova (Honda)
  • Union Fenosa
  • Spamol
  • Zikkurat-Construct
  • Avantmotor-Com
  • Sudzucker Moldova
  • Solei Turism
  • Karcher
  • AGAT-D
  • East-Auto Lada

Supermarkets, Companies

  • Hypermarket “METRO”
  • Hypermarket “Megapolis”
  • Hypermarket “Velika Chishenya”
  • Supermarket “Green Hills”
  • “Daac Hermes” Company
  • “Ovico” Company
  • “Orvento Metal Trading Co” Company
  • “Air Moldova International” Airline Company
  • “Ascon” Company
  • “Casino National”
  • Hotel “Dacia”
  • Hotel “Monte Nelly”
  • “Pelsoft Communications” Company
  • “Solei” Tourism Agency
  • “Voiaj International” Tourism Agency

MECHEL (Celeabinsk Metal Factory) Representative in Romania



  • Project on equipping all Moldovan customs with automatic access systems
  • Project regarding the endowment of the Border Guard Service with the infrared viewer system

LUKOIL (Ukraine, Moldova, Romania)

ORANGE (GSM operator)