The company Media Security” follows its history since 1993, gaining its authority on the Moldovan market for 25 years. Today, the “Media Security” group of companies is an integrated, unified structure with a joint leadership and based on close cooperation of all company subdivisions.

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Development in communications and security projects:

“Media Security” is involved in developing concepts for the development of various projects. Elaboration of concepts is based on the research of the relevant markets and involves selecting the optimal variant in terms of economic efficiency and marketing risks. After the client has chosen the most attractive model for the development of the project, the corresponding concept is implemented.

The development, coordination and approval for the development of the project shall be carried out in the prescribed manner:

  • Creating conceptual solutions;
  • Creating business development projects in the field of industrial technology;
  • Preparing the investment analysis of the project development;
  • Site evaluation and feasibility study for project development;
  • Executing technical and legal documentation development;
  • Project support.

Communication and Security Design:

  • Designing, preparing initial licenses;
  • Obtaining architectural planning tasks;
  • Development and coordination of pre-project proposals;
  • Developing, coordinating and approving the project in the prescribed manner;
  • Development of conceptual solutions;
  • Creating business development projects in the field of industrial technology;
  • Preparation of the investment analysis of the project development;
  • Location evaluation and feasibility study for project development;
  • Executing technical and legal documentation development;
  • Design of security systems, ventilation and conditioning systems, power supply, installation and maintenance of computer and analog video surveillance systems (including hidden), remote monitoring systems, video monitoring with data transmission via telecommunication networks.

Design of engineering systems

Our company proposes the widest range of engineering systems: projects for climate control, lighting and water supply solutions, including project management solutions. Also. we can create engineering utilities, distribution networks, company information systems with a database, etc.

Designing engineering systems includes:

  • Ventilation systems;
  • Conditioning systems;
  • Lighting systems;
  • Heating systems;
  • Water supply systems;
  • Sewage systems, as well as installation of engineering systems and maintenance of engineering systems.

Communication and security services:

  • Design of security systems;
  • Installation of security systems;
  • Maintenance.         


  1. Solutions for business centers, A category office centers, banks, supermarkets, warehouses, industrial businesses, terminals, power stations;
  • embassies, international organizations, government agencies, restaurants, construction companies;
  • houses, flats, pharmacies, shops and exchange offices;
  1. Security at events (ceremonies, concerts, exhibitions, conferences, forums, sports competitions);
  2. Alarms and fire protection;
  3. Fire system for archives, servers, libraries, warehouses;
  4. Technical facilities and security systems (control systems, security alarm systems, video surveillance systems, etc.);
  5. Technical and engineering means of physical protection (design and construction, perimeter protection, electroshock fences, protective materials and banking equipment, etc.)
  6. Video surveillance systems (video cameras, video intercom, surveillance, including via the Internet);
  7. Special means of physical protection and of their components (special devices, uniforms, weapons);
  8. Security, object and personal protection services (cash collection, tracing, legal services, audit, detective services);
  9. Information and communications security (information protection in communication channels, technical detection means of information leakage channels, communication and control systems);
  10. Anti-terrorism, search and control equipment (explosives, dangerous goods detection systems, security of transport terminals, satellite communications systems, anti-theft systems, special vehicles for airports and armored vehicles);
  11. Rescue devices (rescue equipment, machines, tools);
  12. Emergency and protection, alarm and control (dosimetry devices radiation monitoring, environmental control, building security instruments, environmental safety, industrial and security automation, etc.);
  13. Radioelectronic components and materials (navigation equipment, transmitting equipment, auto electronics, AC/DC and DC/DC power modules, designing and manufacturing of basic components);
  14. Physical security (armed guard of objects of any complexity, services of rapid reaction team, patrol, escort, VIP-SECURITY Escort program, bodyguard services).